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ARTTRA Artificial Grass Pitch Was Used For Football And Rugby TV Adverts

By guest, Dec 25 2016 10:51PM

Sports and TV commercials need the look that is as authentic as possible. Tennis courts, football or rugby pitches are all played on turf but when it comes to filming a tv commercial it can often be difficult to film it on natural lawns. The reasons why this could be the case is that there is an alternative and it is the use of artificial grass.

ARTTRAGrass London are the real pros when it comes to designing and fitting artificial grass and have experience of working with premier league sports professionals and TV production companies. Recently the team installed astroturf for a shoot with a Eden Hazard featuring in it. For this job the team had to create a pitch with Arttragrass and mark all white lines to give the shoot an authentic look in a frosty environment.

There are many artificial grass companies and suppliers out there but not as unique as the team at ARTTRA Grass. The service and methods used by Arttra are unique and they only use the best materials. This method ensures that our products and installations are safe and secure for the event making it good enough to use for the real thing such as heavy tackles during a real football match.

You probably may be wondering why you should use the bespoke service by Arttragrass including their rental installation or hire service? The reasons are obvious why you should.

The service is fast and consists of complete professional and a very high standard. Most of the installations provided are completed within a day due to the experience and dedication of the experts. After the installation is completed and the shoot has been completed the team can return and remove the pitch in an efficient way, leaving no evidence behind of the install or product so to speak. For the TV production company, this service makes it exceptionally easy get artificial grass instead of buying, leaving the hassle of transporting or storing it after use.

Hiring the artificial grass gives the TV production company the ability to work with flexibility. This is because different projects require different types of synthetic turf including a wide range of sizes, tones and more. For instance one shoot may require a small area of artificial grass, another will just need a shockpad area for the goal keeper while another requires something much larger. If the production company bought the artificial grass outright and needed additional areas covered, it could mean that the additional grass, even though the same brand, because of batch differences the style could be slightly lighter or darker in shade and could cause additional expenses or serious problems.

This point does highlight just how important and beneficial it is to hire artificial grass from Arttragrass. You can select a bespoke installation option and then get it installed perfectly, making it useable from the very beginning. This means that TV and sports production companies can spend their time, money and energy on other areas of the TV commercial to their advert or film even better.

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