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Where can I find the right artificial grass for TV filming?


When it comes to filming TV shows, there are often big budgets involved. These budgets are spent on props, actors and actresses as well as catering and many other things.

TV shows are filmed in a number of locations and this means that the scenes change regularly while many scenes are filmed outdoors.

In the UK, filming outdoors is heavily reliant on the weather and as we already know, out weather is not that great. Even the summer months can be filled with rain and this is particularly bad news for those shows that include scenes on grass.


Across the UK, there are TV studios that can be transformed into a wide range of scenes using the correct lighting and props but what about an outdoor scene?

Many TV studios use technology to create scenes and a green screen can help them to create any backdrop they want but what about the flooring, especially when there is grass involved?

So where can the right artificial grass be found?


First of all, it is a case of understanding just what you need? Do you need longer grass or shorter grass? This is dependent on the scene and the location but getting it right is crucial. Then it is a case of understanding the quality that you are looking for. The lesser quality the grass, the more likely it is to be lower in cost but again, a scene filmed on a sports pitch will look different to a scene filmed on the lawn of a stately manor and this will mean that different grass is required.

Finding the right supplier is vital because they will have the knowledge and expertise that you can call upon to help you make the right decision. This expert advice will ensure that you receive the right artificial grass that will meet your filming needs.

There is a wide range of styles that come in a number of different lengths, colours and quality and this can make selecting the right one a tricky task. Opting to use an artificial grass supplier will be one of the best decisions you make but it will also ensure that you have an installation that ticks every box.


Choosing the right artificial grass does not have to be stressful or difficult but it should be a process that is enjoyable.

Once you have found the right grass, it is a case of installing it and this is a process that is best left to the professionals. They can ensure that the grass fits in every possible way and they will also ensure that there are no visible joins or problems. The installation is efficient and will enable more time to be spent on the production.


Artificial grass is a real solution to a problem that has blighted the production industry for some time, but as it can be used in many ways, its versatility is the real key. If you are an event organiser and want artificial grass hire in london the ARTTRAGrass can help you.

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